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4 Custom "Featured On" Stickers 6"X2.5" - Import Sauce
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Home Decals 4 Custom “Featured On” Stickers 6″X2.5″

4 Custom “Featured On” Stickers 6″X2.5″


Custom “Featured On” Stickers 6″x2.5″



Pack of 4 Stickers. Measures 6″X2.5″, about the size of a Government bank note. These custom made stickers include an image of your car, ghosted in the background, your car description (year, make, model, trim…) and a custom QR code that takes fans directly to your feature on Proofs emailed within 24 business hours, production time 4 days, shipping time 5 days.

After order our team will reach out for specific details for your custom sticker.