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Andreas Laursen’s 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

Owner: Andreas Laursen – Instagram: @andy_jettamk6
2011 Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 – Location: Esbjerg, Denmark – Photographer: @mw.media.co

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Was there any unusual circumstances around how you acquired your car?
A friend of mine had it before and I fell in love with the mk6, and when he finally decided to sell the car I struck goal and bought it and started to put my style on the car.

Modified 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

Was there more work on your car than you anticipated? Did you find a bucket of wiring worms, find some secret hidden problems…..
No not really other then some maintainers on the shocks.

2011 VW Jetta Mk6 On Air suspension

Are there any unique mods on your car? Hyper-rare parts, custom made parts…
There some things my head lights are one of two sets of that I know in Europe.
My diffuser is from drag cutters in the us and I’m the only one in Europe with his diffuser
The front is from a gli and not a oem part here in Denmark so there where a bit of searching where to get it, and then there is the duckbill with is from China.

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2011 VW Jetta Mk6 Front End

Would you consider your car done in its current form? Or do you have a list of “to dos” still left?
A build is never done 😉 I want a redoing of the steering wheel, a front lip that I don’t know what model I’m getting yet, I would also love to get a set of wingback seat from either a mk5 r32 of mk6 r20 and maybe a color change.

Modified 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

What is the biggest problem you ran into on your build?
Finding nice and custom parts for a mk6 Jetta here in Europe

Custom 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

If you had to do it again, would you build the same car?
For sure I would have done it. I absolutely love the Jetta mk6 platform

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2011 VW Jetta Mk6 With Rims

Are you apart of a club or crew with your car?
Yes I am. I am the founder of a Danish car group by the Stance Knights where we got a lot of nice slammed cars in and always looking for new people to join us.

Tinted 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

Is there any part/mod on your car you had to do a few times, or installed and then removed?
The only thing I second guess was the diffuser but when the rotiform got mounted it al just clicked together.

2011 VW Jetta Mk6 Front lip

What is your favorite part on your car?
The front for sure just love how mean and “oem” it looks.

2011 VW Jetta Mk6 Rear End

What’s the best memory you had in your car?
All of the new people and car shows I have been to with both in Denmark and Germany

Modded 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

Build Report
Gli front
R line style headlight with full led
Drag cutters diffuser
G.A.S airride
Accuair e-level
Rotiform lsr
Sirocco R steering wheel
Tinted tail lights
No name ducktail spoiler

Custom 2011 VW Jetta Mk6

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