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Joachim Andersson’s 2003 Volkswagen Golf MK4 R32

Owner: Joachim Andersson – Instagram: @mk4r32turboswe
2003 Volkswagen Golf – Location: Varberg – Sweden

What U think, U become

Modified Volkswagen Golf R32

Was there any unusual circumstances around how you acquired your car?
Year was about 2006, and a R32 passed me. I then know that I HAVE to own my own some day. That day came and the year was 2009.

Intercooled Volkswagen Golf

Was there more work on your car than you anticipated? Did you find a bucket of wiring worms, find some secret hidden problems…..
Naaa, it was fine. But.. needed turbo.

Volkswagen Golf Custom Boser Hood

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Are there any unique mods on your car? Hyper-rare parts, custom made parts…
Custom turbo
Custom Boser hood

Volkswagen Golf Front lip

Would you consider your car done in its current form? Or do you have a list of “to dos” still left?
Need stronger gearbox…

Golf MK4 R32 Front End

What is the biggest problem you ran into on your build?
Oem rods and piston went.

Golf MK4 R32 With Rims

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If you had to do it again, would you build the same car?

Tinted Golf MK4 R32

Is there any part/mod on your car you had to do a few times, or installed and then removed?
Front lip…

Lowered Golf MK4 R32

What’s the best memory you had in your car?
Every summer (late night races)

Build Report
Custom 6065 Turbo
Bosch 1200cc ev14 injectors
Shortrunner intake from Rothe
DW400 pump
Milltek non res exhaust
(E85 fuel)

Coilovers from Yellowspeed
6-piston Porsche brakes
Singlemass flywheel
Upgraded Sachs clutch
6-piston sinter
Je Pistons
Maxpeeding rods

18” Oz ultraleggera rims
Etc etc

Brain of the car is a MAXXECU Sport

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The Import Sauce Team
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