Coffee Table Book – All Imports misses the old days when you could hold a printed issue of cars in your hands. A real physical book your could hold.

We are guessing we are not alone, and we started this interest list to see how many others out there are interested in a printed imports only publication. Real book, real pages to turn, real imports featured.

Express Your Interest

The form below simply expresses your interest. There are different models to produce a book, which brings it in a different price points. Heavy on advertisers means more ads, and a lower cost. No ads means higher cost.

Depending on feedback below, we can determine how to best produce a publication that you want to own.

You Are Not Committed

This form is not ordering or charging you for anything. We need to see that there is enough interest, and then our team can move to the next phase, which would be production. Enter your details, and we will keep you up to date on print as we move closer to an actual production.