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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Tips for Becoming an Automotive YouTuber

There are billions of users on YouTube with hundreds of millions who are primarily dedicated to automotive content. Despite the vast number of content creators, only a few thousand channels are actually recognized as...

Volvo P1 (S40/V50/C30) – Adding Android Multi Media System for Less Than $100

An Easy and Affordable Mod to Bring Touch Screen to Your P1 Volvo The evolution of sound in a P1 Volvo has been slow, and even with new advances and options, there is still little...

Removing the Interior Trunk Panel Trim – Subaru WRX & STI 2015+

Doing some work inside your trunk trim> Here we will break down how to remove the interior panels and also remove your outer trunk trim overlay. This is the process needed in case you...

Letting Your Engine Bay Breathe via High Grade Aluminum Vents

Stop Buying eBay & AutoZone Universal Hood Vents - Invest a Little in True Quality While we do talk about a specific car part application here, the general idea is to not be limited. Find...
Elevate Performance Exhaust Volvo C30

Elevate’s Volvo C30 T5 3″ Performance Sport Exhaust System – Installation & Product Review

23HP and 24ftlbs of Torque Via the Elevate Performance Complete Exhaust for Volvo C30s Special Shout Out to Greg (@steg.tva), for always supporting ImportSauce and our Volvo projects. Shoot him, and his 2015.5 Volvo V60...

10 Unspoken Rules of the Canyon and Mountain Roads

While there is always debate within the car community, we can all agree on two things: Motorized vehicles are awesome. Enjoying twisty ribbons of pavement that carve through beautiful scenery is bliss. Whether you live on the...

Volvo AC Clutch Bolt Snapped – Overview and Repair for a T5 Engine

Dang Bolt has walked itself out or snapped a few times now - figured it was worth a write-up. This is my third time replacing either this clutch face or the bolt that holds it...

Elevate Performance’s Compressor Bypass Valve (Single & Dual Port) – Install Guide

Supplemental Installation Instructions for Your P1 (S40/V50/C30) Okay everyone, this was one of the hardest installs we've done in a while, and wanted to give you some ideas and tips on the job, that may...

The EZ Oil Drain Valve With L Shaped End

The Name Explains It All - Couldn't Be EZ'er A while back we recalled a great idea, which was a ball valve for an oil drain plug. We kept remembering and kept forgetting... until now....

Peeking Monster Decal Install

Not really worthy of a write-up, but why not? Looking through IG, I came across a pretty cool Volvo V60 owned by Greg and featured here. Something in his engine bay caught my eye and...