Friday, February 23, 2024

Brake Pedal Sensor Replacement – Volvo P1:S40/V50/C70/C30

Part Number: 30773935

The video does most of the explaining, but a note is that you do not need any tools at all.

What we found is that it was easier to remove the plastic kick panel under the steering wheel to see the sensor and remove it, but you can simply reach up under and turn the sensor 45 degrees clockwise to remove it. At that point, it will hang down enough to release the electrical harness.


Joel Kenneth Smith
Joel Kenneth Smith
Living in Southern California since 84', Joel has been around the import scene for decades. Aside from a few of his own builds, he now keeps a close eye on the beat for new and upcoming rides. Further, he is a major contributor to the "How To" section of the website and doesn't mind hunting down choice parts at any local yard.

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