Friday, March 31, 2023

trickymedia – Southern California, USA

Photographer: Patrick Barrera
Facebook: TrickyMedia
Youtube: Tricky Media
Home Base: Southern California – USA

How Long Have You Been Shooting?
I’ve always had an interest in photography however I didn’t dive into it until 2018 when I got my first camera (Canon 80D)

What’s Your Favorite Subject Matter to Shoot?
I love shooting anything and everything however automotive has my heart.

What’s was Your Craziest Photoshoot?
My craziest photoshoot was probably my friends forester during a huge blizzard in Utah. It was the craziest storm of the season and we almost got hit on the freeway multiple times from people spinning out. Then when it came time to take photos I’d hop out of the car for a second and be covered in snow.

What Are You Currently Shooting With?
I use my canon 80d with sigma 50 1.4 for 90% of my photos. For car rollers I’ll use my sigma 17-50 2.8 for a wider angle. For all of my video work I’ll use my Sony a6500 with a sigma 16 1.4 and 24-70 2.8.

What’s the Best Memory You’ve Made While Shooting?
My favorite memory from shooting would have to be from Lake Tahoes Lake2o event. Just all the good times with the homie filming all day and going to car meets then being able to take a break and go chill by the beach I’ll never be able to beat that.

Worst Photoshoot EVER!!!
Forgot my sd card :/

The Import Sauce Team
The Import Sauce Team
The ImportSauce team is responsible for scouting new rides, and getting them published to our website, our social media, and even making those cool teaser videos you see on Insta and YouTube.

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