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Sam Parsons Photography - New Zealand on
Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sam Parsons Photography – New Zealand

Photographer: Sam Parsons
Instagram: @sam.parsons_photography
Facebook: @Sam-Parsons-Photography-109314038094184
Home Base: Christchurch, New Zealand

Friends not clients

Jason Ham’s 600WHP 1999 TOYOTA SUPRA RZ-S JZA80 – @suprastar767_nz

Was there any unusual circumstances around how you got into photography?
I was doing photography for bands around New Zealand and had always enjoyed doing portrait photography.

When I bought my 1989 300zx I started doing my own photos and then people started to catch on that I’m doing photos. A full year later Its a job that keeps me up at night.

How Long Have You Been Shooting?
I’ve been doing photography for 8 years. Started doing it back in school in 2013.

What’s Your Favorite Subject Matter to Shoot?
My Favorite subject matter is cars. Give me any car and I’ll keep myself busy for a long time.

Dylan Linton’s Nissan 180sx

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What’s was Your Craziest Photoshoot?
I had someone drive my 300zx whilst I hung out of my passenger window holding my camera about 10cm off the ground.

What Are You Currently Shooting With?
I shoot with:
Canon 6D Mk1
Lens I use are:
Sigma 85mm
Sigma 28mm

Jesse Gordon’s Honda S2000 – @wasabi_s2k

What’s the Best Memory You’ve Made While Shooting?
The amount of people I have meet doing this and now some I can call firm friends. Making those connections is my fondest memory.

Jarnman Carey’s Nissan 350Z Fairlady – @jarnmancarey

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RYAN BURGESS’s Toyota 86GT Limited – @low_eightsix

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James Lee-broun’s 2006 Toyota Crown Majesta – @vip3uz_majesta

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Thomas Reddell’s 2002 Spec R S15 – @thomas_reddell/
Billy Gordon’s Mazda RX7 FD – @williamjamesfd
Tyler’s R34 Skyline – @jdmr34_tyler
Georgie’s Nissan S15 – @geo.s15
Jesse Gordon’s Honda S2000 – @wasabi_s2k
Georgie’s Nissan S15 – @geo.s15

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