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Pedal Spacers: What, Where, Why, When, & How

What are Pedal Spacers?

Pedal spacers are metal or plastic spacers which position the gas pedal closer to the driver. These can often vary in thickness to achieve a preferred setup. While simple washers could suffice in some applications, pedal spacers often require an offset design to provide proper clearance with the floor.

Where do pedal spacers go?

On fly-by-wire throttles, pedal spacers are usually mounted to the back of the electronic pedal assembly.

Similar modifications on fly-by-cable throttles can be done, but these often require custom throttle cables to retain functionality.

Why should you install a pedal spacer?

Increasing the height of the gas pedal can often disrupt the ergonomics of the car, making the pedal position uncomfortable for commuting purposes. However, spacers can improve the ability to heel and toe downshift, making it a recommended modification for many vehicles that get used on the track.

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When do you “need” a Pedal Spacer?

Pedal spacers are only truly needed when the driver feels that the gas pedal sits too low for driveability or personal preference. This may be a desire to align the gas pedal flush with the brake and clutch pedals or perhaps it is to provide clearance for aftermarket all weather floor mats.

Some vehicles have metal gas pedal arms that can be bent to align the pedal to a preferred position, eliminating the need for a spacer.

How do you install a pedal spacer?

For vehicles that are compatible, the installation of a pedal spacer is very straight forward.

Most electronic pedal assemblies can be removed with just a few bolts.

The spacer then gets bolted to the back of the assembly before reinstallation with longer hardware.

Here is a before/after, showing the difference that a pedal spacer can make.

Michael Hallock
Michael Hallock
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