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Removing the Interior Trunk Panel Trim – Subaru WRX & STI 2015+

Doing some work inside your trunk trim> Here we will break down how to remove the interior panels and also remove your outer trunk trim overlay. This is the process needed in case you are doing any sticker or vinyl overlay and need to remove the outer trunk trim panel.

Start by opening your trunk, and you will find 8 push clips holding the carpet style trim to the trunk deck lid. A flathead screwdriver or clip removal tool will work fine here. Gently pry those up and pull the entire clip out of the hole. Repeat for all remaining clips.

Once those are off, the carpet trim piece will be free and you can set it aside leaving you full access to the internals of the trunk lid deck.

Next you can disconnect the wiring harness that runs to the rear license plate area. Depress the locking tab, and slide the harness apart.

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Next locate 4 8mm nuts evenly spaced across the inside of the deck. Remove these to free that portion of the mounting.

From there you will see push clips that are coming from the outer trunk trim panel into the deck lid. Squeezing those will allow the clip to back itself out of that retaining hole.

While these license plate lights seem like they are connected through, they are not, and do not need to be removed. In the final picture below, you will see they can stay mounted to the trunk deck lid, and still allow the trim panel to be removed.

Gently pull the trunk trim panel outward from the trunk, and it should pull off without much pressure at all.

To reinstall, just complete these steps in the reverse order.

Joel Kenneth Smith
Joel Kenneth Smith
Living in Southern California since 84', Joel has been around the import scene for decades. Aside from a few of his own builds, he now keeps a close eye on the beat for new and upcoming rides. Further, he is a major contributor to the "How To" section of the website and doesn't mind hunting down choice parts at any local yard.

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